Victim Resources

All Agencies in the Criminal and Juvenile Justice System will make a good faith effort to contact and assist you in exercising your rights as a crime victim throughout the justice process. If you have questions or concerns, please notify the contact Officer of any changes in your address or telephone number. Additional resources can be located in our Resource Directory.
  1. Arrest Information
  2. Know Your Rights
  3. Threats or Intimidation
  4. Victim Compensation Program

Arrest Information

An arrest may not be made during the initial investigation of the crime you reported. You will be contacted when / if an arrest is made. You may contact the officer to report additional information, ask questions, or determine the status of your investigation. You have the right to know if the offender has been arrested and if they are still in custody.

If no arrest has been made and you would like to know the status of your case, please call the Contact Officer at 414-761-5300. This Officer is your primary source for information about the investigation, arrests and status of any of your property in police custody.

Adult Offenders

  • If an adult person has been arrested in connection with this case, you may call the Milwaukee County Criminal Justice Facility Inmate Information line to find out whether the person has been released.
    Milwaukee County Criminal Justice Facility (CJF) Inmate Information
    Phone: 414-226-7070
  • If the case is referred to the District Attorney's office for prosecution, the District Attorney's office will try to contact you within 8 weeks with additional information, including whether charges will be filed, your right to attend court proceedings and to discuss the case with the prosecutor. Contact the District Attorney's office for more information about your rights.
    Milwaukee County District Attorney
    Phone: 414- 278-4670

Juvenile Offenders

  • If a Juvenile is taken into custody and transported to the Juvenile Detention Center you may contact the Custody Intake Department of the Detention Center to determine if the Juvenile has been released. Release is determined by the Intake Worker and the case is referred to Juvenile Intake. If you do not receive information from them within 2 weeks, call 414-257-7834. Milwaukee County Children’s Court Center - Custody Intake Department
    Phone: 414-257-7791
  • If a juvenile offender is identified but not taken into custody, the case will be referred to Juvenile Intake for review. If a juvenile is referred to the District Attorney and is prosecuted, you will be contacted by the Victim Witness Unit at the Children’s Court Center regarding your rights.
    Milwaukee County Children’s Court Center - Victim Witness Unit
    Phone: 414-257-4527