Vacation Home Watch

What is a Vacation Home Check?

Whether you are leaving town for a few days or a few weeks, wouldn't it feel better if someone was checking on your home for you?  Of course you would! Our department is available to do checks on your residence while you're away. (Frequency of checks depends on officer availability).

Vacation and Vacant Home Checks are available for GREENFIELD residents only.

Please complete the Vacation/Vacant Home Watch Form to add your home to the watch list.

Safety Tips:

  • Stop your mail service during the time away or arrange to have it collected for you.
  • Inspect all door and window locks to ensure they are working properly before you leave.
  • Use timers on lights indoor/outdoor
  • If any cars or trucks are in the driveway please ensure the vehicle(s) are locked.
  • If you keep garage door openers in your vehicle(s), remove them and store them in a secure location.
  • Make arrangements for an emergency contact.