Kulwicki Park Pollinator Habitat & Bird Feeding Station

Pollinator Habitat

Our pollinator populations are in decline.  Bats, bees, monarchs and other pollinators face significant challenges like habitat loss, pesticide use, disease and climate change.  One way to help is through the planting of pollinator-friendly plants and the restoration of natural areas. 

The Kulwicki Park Pollinator Habitat Project increases the quality, quantity and connectivity of pollinator habitats in our community through the planting of low-growing, native perennials in the ATC Utility Corridor along the south edge of Kulwicki Park.  The habitat provides nectar, pollen and shelter that pollinators need to thrive and helps limit the growth of invasive species.  The site is adjacent to the park’s bird feeding station and eBird Hotspot; creating additional opportunities for the public to engage with and learn about nature and biodiversity.  

This project would not be possible without the support of our generous community partners, including American Transmission Co., Greenfield Beautification Committee, Wild Birds Unlimited and private donors.

Bird Feeding Station & eBird Hotspots

With a new walking path, restored creek bed and welcoming green space, Kulwicki Park is the perfect place to stop and bird-watch. Bring your binoculars and observe the birds at the feeding station donated by Wild Birds Unlimited! Or you can take a seat and bird-watch from the comfort of the benches donated by area Scouts.

Check out Greenfield's eBird Hotspots!  Report bird sightings and upload your own wildlife photos at:

For more information, sign up for the Greenfield Pollinator Protection Newsletter or contact Renee Rollman at renee.rollman@greenfieldwi.us 

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