Environmental Initiatives

Doing better for the community, doing better for the environment.

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Clean Up Green Up

Clean Up Green Up is an annual event that encourages individuals and local businesses to take a greater interest in their local environment by cleaning litter from Greenfield's parks, water ways and public spaces. 

Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure is a nature-based approach that uses a combination of engineering and nature’s own systems to address environmental challenges like erosion, flooding, and air and water pollution.  Greenfield's Green Infrastructure initiatives include the installation of rain gardens, swales, bio-retention ponds and the planting of strormwater trees.

Rain Garden

Greenfield Pollinator Protection Committee

Greenfield Pollinator Protection Committee

The Greenfield Pollinator Protection Committee’s mission is to promote the health of all pollinators, through local policy changes, conservation efforts and public education.  The committee welcomes anyone who lives, works or plays in the community to become a member. Find out more about Greenfield's pollinator habitat, eBird Hotspots, Seed Library and other programming.

Greenfield's Forestry Program

The City of Greenfield's urban forest is a valuable segment of the community's infrastructure and ecosystem.  A healthy, sustained, urban forest that is carefully managed and cared for contributes significantly to the economic and environmental wellbeing of the community.  Learn about our urban forest, Tree Commission, Arbor Day Celebrations and more.

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HoneyCreek Original Art

Honey Creek Stream Restoration Project

In 2022, the City of Greenfield broke ground on a project along the Honey Creek that reduces flooding, enhances plant and animal habitat, improves water quality, and provides new passive recreational opportunities for park users.  The project is located within Greenfield’s Konkel Park.

The Powerline Trail Project

The Powerline Trail is the first section of the Route of the Badger to be constructed. It is a major new east-west shared-use path that provides significant recreation and transportation opportunity to the public.  By creating connectivity through trails and bike accommodations, residents have the ability to travel to parks, schools, stores and other local and regional destinations by bike or foot rather than relying on automobiles. Phase 1 of the Powerline connects with the existing Milwaukee County Oak Leaf Trail system.  Stay tuned for updates on the construction of future phases!

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Wildcat Creek Restoration

Taming the Erosion in Wildcat Creek

In 2018, the City of Greenfield completed the restoration of 21,250 square feet of riparian habitat, restoration of approximately 0.1 miles of in-stream habitat, and the stabilization of 3,650 square feet of streambank. These streambank stabilization efforts not only improved habitat for wildlife, but also enhanced the aesthetic quality of Wildcat Creek and the Kulwicki Park corridor.