Community Development and Zoning

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The Community Development Division is the primary contact for new development and/or redevelopment proposals involving potential residential, commercial, industrial, and community uses. This Division helps coordinate the City development review process which basically is a collaborative process involving the Mayor, Common Council, Plan Commission, other City departments, and residential/business community.

Community Development Functions

  • Analyze the viability of statutory development enhancement options such as: Community Development Block Grants, Business Improvement District, Community Development Authority, Tax Incremental Financing, Brownfields-related grants, etc.
  • Coordinate development and/or redevelopment activities with county, state, federal, and regional officials, when necessary.
  • Coordinate proposals, such as: site and landscaping approvals, re-zonings, special uses, land divisions, new subdivision platting, conceptual project reviews, and planned unit developments.
  • Evaluate and recommend strategies to encourage proactive and responsible development designed to maximize property values for all.
  • Manage and supervise community development operations across departmental lines.
  • Oversee development proposal review for compliance with local ordinances and the 2008 Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

Zoning Functions

  • Answers zoning questions, supplies re-build and zoning compliance letters, and handles all zoning variances with the Zoning Board of Appeals.