Community Development - Plan Commission

  1. Planning Application

  2. Property Data/ Information

    Utilizing this site, you can search for your property and "view map" or "property data" links for information needed to fill out applications

  3. Project Description Template PDF

  4. Project Description Template Word

  5. NAICS Code Search

    Using the search function on the NAICS website, determine the NAICS code for your proposal

  6. Zoning Map

    Click the box next to "zoning" on the layers tab to view zoning districts

  7. Uses by Zoning District

  8. Zoning Verification Steps

  9. Plan Commission Application Fees

  10. Plan Commission Applicant Checklist

  11. 2024 Project Submission Deadlines & Meetings

  12. Certified Survey Map Process

  13. Occupancy Permit Application

  14. Temporary Use Permit Application

  15. Plan Commission FAQs