Winter Maintenance Policy


The goal of winter maintenance is to make roadways safe within the limitations of resources. Motorists can expect some inconvenience and will be expected to modify their driving practices to adapt to road conditions. Access for emergency services will be maintained without exception.

The proactive approach of anti-icing has proven under certain conditions to be an effective and efficient technique for winter maintenance. The Division of Public Works will utilize anti-icing methods when the weather conditions warrant. Current acceptable anti-icing methods may include applying liquid anti-icing agents and/or pre-wetted salt to the pavement surface and/or bridge decks prior to predicted precipitation events or on a predetermined schedule. 

Winter maintenance activities are prioritized based upon a system of facility classifications:

  • High Priority Classifications (Arterial, Collector, Institutional, Commercial, and Emergency Services Buildings):
    Efforts will be made to maintain this category to the highest standards possible, dependent upon the current weather conditions.
  • Medium Priority Classifications (Residential, Alleys, Parking Lots):
    At the discretion of the Superintendent or their designee, any available resources not dedicated to the High Priority Category will be assigned to maintain the Medium Priority Category.  
  • Low Priority Classifications (Sidewalk, Bus Pads):
    Coverage for the Low Priority Category will be provided during normal work hours.

Cleanup is generally accomplished during normal non-overtime working hours. 

Please review the full Winter Maintenance Policy and associated Snow Plowing Priority Map for more details:
Winter Maintenance Policy
Snow Plowing Priority Map