How is the sewer bill calculated?
The wastewater of the city is collected and treated by MMSD (Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District). There are four components on the utility bill. Two of these components are billed on behalf of MMSD. 1) The MMSD connection charge. 2) The MMSD volumetric charge is based on water usage. 3) The local sewer charge covers operation and maintenance costs. 4) The storm water fee is mandated by the state to manage storm water quantity and quality on all impervious surfaces. The latest rate amounts are printed on the back of the bills as well as on our website. Detailed information can also be found on under Municipal Codes Chapter 14: Municipal Utilities and Chapter 33: Storm Water Utility.

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1. How is the sewer bill calculated?
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3. Does this bill include the water billing?
4. Who do I contact if I have any questions
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