IT Department


The Information Technology area for the City of Greenfield efficiently utilizes City resources to fulfill the computer hardware, software, and services needs of the City.

Working according to the priorities of City administration, I.T. staff is responsible for helping over 160 users and maintaining equipment spread throughout 5 municipal buildings, including end-user workstations, servers, wireless systems, internet access, and the web pages you are viewing now.


A major goal of Greenfield I.T. in the coming years is to continue making City services and information more accessible via the Internet, providing citizens with access to desired information 24 hours a day, every day.

If you have items you would like to see added to our website, please let us know.

Requesting Computer Files

For files that are already developed, a $75 charge must be prepaid, along with a written request of the information desired. Files can be emailed, if you supply your email address, or put to CD and mailed.

Files are usually delivered in .csv (comma separated values) format for easy import into spreadsheet or database software. We supply the complete file and it is up to the purchaser to do her own filtering or customization.

If you are requesting data for which a new query or program must be built (e.g. information on housing sold in the past 7 years), you will need to submit a written request, including all data fields being requested, and a check for the total amount of charges that Greenfield I.T. estimates will be incurred.


We will make a reasonable effort to develop an accurate estimate but please bear in mind the result is only an estimate and not a firm quote. If it appears programming will take longer than estimated, we will contact you to provide a further estimate and you will have to pay the difference in full before work will continue and the file will be released. If you choose to have work stopped at that point, charges will still be due for all work up to the point work was stopped. Any excess fees we collect will be refunded.

Creating estimates or programming for custom requests is likely to be subject to programming backlogs, including those of outside vendors we may utilize.

Individual Parcels

Information on individual parcels is available for free via the Property Information Search page. Both Tax and Assessment information can be obtained from the Property and Tax Data page.

If you need more information please contact the Information Technology department.