What are the parking regulations for Greenfield, Wisconsin?
  1. In the City of Greenfield you DO NOT need a parking permit.
  2. No need to call in your vehicle
  3. Park on even sides of the streets on even days and odd sides of the street on odd days



(S. 27th Street, S. 35th Street, S. 43rd Street, S. 51st Street, S. 60th Street, S. 68th Street, S. 76th Street, S. 84th Street, S. 92nd Street, S. 104th Street, S. 112th Street, S. 116th Street, S. 124th Street and W. Morgan Avenue, W. Howard Avenue, W. Coldspring Road, W. Layton Avenue, W. Edgerton Avenue, W. Grange Avenue, W. Ramsey Avenue, W. College Avenue, W. Loomis Road, W. Forest Home Avenue, W. Beloit Road, S. 31st Street between W. Edgerton Avenue and W. Grange Avenue). Parking on all other streets in the city is restricted to alternate side AT ALL TIMES (park on the side of the road with even addresses on the even day and odd addresses on the odd day).

Overnight Parking page.

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2. What are the parking regulations for Greenfield, Wisconsin?
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